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Beaconsfield Rd.
Strawberry Fields Children's Home,
This was one of the many children's homes run by 
the Salvation Army. The annual summer fete continues to this day.
John visited the fetes and in the large wooden grounds. By nipping out of his 
back garden in Menlove Avenue and crossing Vale Road, he could enter Straw- berry Field by a rear entrance which is no longer there. In 1967, The Beatles had 
a number 1 hit with their double-A-sideded single Penny Lane/Strawberry Field Forever,  the promotion  film  for  which  is  now  considered   to be the  first  pop video.  John  wrote Strawberry  Fields  Forever,  and  Paul  wrote Penny  Lane.
The original building  has since been demolished and replaced; only the red wrought iron gate remains from the fifties. In 1984 Yoko and Sean visited the children of Strawberry Field and the have continued to support them Financially.  Today 
the famous gates of  Strawberry Field remain to be a world wide tourist 
attraction      and is often a highlight for those visiting Liverpool, on the
Magical Mystery Tour. Recently the famous gates were in the 
news but on a slightly bad note (no pun intended). The
gates were stolen. Some of the children who were 
playing in the front noticed that the gates were
being moved and ran to tell someone in
charge, but it was too late the gate 
was gone. Fortunately with
in a few days the gates 
were found and




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