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9, Madryn St. The Dingle - In this tiny little terrace house on the 7th of July in 1940, at midnight, weighing at ten pounds Richard Starkey was born. To parents Richard, and Elise Starkey. The rent was about ten shillings (0.50) a week. Ringo's parents separated three years later, and Ringo and his mom had to move to a smaller less expensive house.


St. Silas Primary School, The Dingle - Ringo officially attended this school, a hundred yards from his home, between 1945 and 1950. In reality he spent very little time here. When he was six years old, he was admitted to Royal Children's Hospital on Myrtle Street suffering from peritonitis. He underwent two operations, and stayed in hospital for twelve months. A classmate of Ringo's Ronald Wycherley, who was later designated to become Billy Fury, Liverpool's first rock star.

Myrtle Children's Hospital, Myrtle St. - When Ringo was nearly seven years old he was rushed here with violent stomach pains. His appendix burst. Peritonitis set in and he slipped into a dangerous coma. He was not expected to survive the first night. Happily he pulled through but recovery was slow and he remained here for about six months. Illness struck Ringo down yet again when he was thirteen, this time with pleurisy. He was to spend another six months or so in the hospital's sanitarium at Heswall on the Wirral coast. It was there that he caught another bug ... drumming. Sadly it has been torn down, and in it's place is the Art Center building for Liverpool Community College.

10 Admiral Grove, The Dingle - Ringo and his mom ended up here after Ringo's dad, left them. Ringo's mom found the rent in Madryn Street hard to manage, so they moved here into the smaller Admiral Grove. The neighborhood of the Dingle was and is still quite rough, to the point where the Magical Mystery Tour bus won't even let it's passengers off to take pictures. It remained Ringo's home until he became nationally famous and moved to London in 1963. 

Dingle Vale Secondary School, The Dingle - Probably due to his illness and resultant lack of schooling, Ringo was not allowed to take the eleven plus examination. It was decided by his primary school teachers that he would be unable to pass it. Ringo therefore attended Dingle Vale Secondary school when he was eleven, the only Beatle not to have had a grammar school education. Again he was dogged by ill health: at thirteen he was struck with pleurisy, and Ringo returned to the Children's Hospital. While he was there he joined a children's band and became interested in the drums. When Ringo went to Dingle Vale for a reference in 1955, he says that nobody could remember him. Strange then, that ten years later, the school was able to point out the very desk once occupied by their most famous ex pupil.


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