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Walton Hospital, Rice Lane, Walton - James Paul McCartney was born here on 18 June 1942. To parents Mary and Jim McCartney. His Mother, had once been head Nurse in charge of the maternity ward. When came time to have her first baby, she was given five star treatment, and she was able to have a private room. Paul's dad was, an aircraft worker at Napier's by day and a fire warden at night. He was not particularly impressed with the first site of his new son, but had improved a few days after.

10, Sunbury Road, Anfeild - 
 The McCartney's brought their first son,
Paul, home to this small terraced house near the two football stadiums of Liverpool and Everton. The McCartney's didn't live her for very long, and once the bombing had started, they felt it would be safer to move out to the safety of the Wallsey district. 

72, Western Ave. Speke - By this time Paul's mum, had been working as a midwife in Speke for quite a while before the family moved into this house of the large council estate in 1947. The McCartney's only stayed here for six years before they moved again.


Joseph Willams Primary School, Speke - This was Paul's primary school, where he sat and passed the eleven plus examination in 1953. His brother Michael also attended Joseph Williams, and later followed Paul to the Liverpool Institute.


12, Ardwick Rd. Speke
The McCartney's were again privileged by Mary's influence by the city council as a midwife. Through this influence they were able to move into this new house in 1953, not too long after Paul's eleventh birthday. 

20, Forthlin Rd. Alerton - This now famous house was Paul's last house in Liverpool. His room was the smallest of the three and was situated above the front door. The McCartneys lived here from 1955 to the early 60's. It is also to many Beatles fans the most important. After Paul's mum had died of cancer in 1956, Jim was left to bring up Paul and Michael on his own. Since, he was out all day at the Cotton Exchange, it became an ideal place for John and Paul to practice. Many of the Beatles finest songs were written here around Jim's piano. The One After 909: I Saw Her Standing There: Love Me Do, and When I'm Sixty-four are some of the more well known songs finished at Forthlin. In 1995 the National Trust bought 20 Forthlin Road and after a period of time decided to open it to the public. With the help of a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, the Trust  removed the later additions, and is gradually returning the house to its appearance in the McCartneys' time. It is also the ideal place toe display Mike McCartneys' haunting photographs of his family and of the Beatles before they were famous, and part of an important collection of Beatles memorabilia loaned by Hunter Advise, the group's only official biographer.

During my last trip abroad to England I took many trips from London to Liverpool. One one of my visits I went to the house and have the ticket and out side photos to prove it. Anyway, when I walked in and it was odd sense of familiarity and irony at the same time. Familiar in the sense that it felt like I'd been there before, and irony that was so exact to the pictures that I had seen in the REMEMBER book by Mike McCartney from when he lived there.

Penny Lane - This was one of the few places where the Quarry Men had played many gigs during 1957 and 1958, since it was a major place for skiffle dances and contests. It was also used for filming the "Blue Angel/Larry Parnes audition in 1960, for the TV movie The Birth of the Beatles



Liverpool Institute (LIPA), The City Centre - One of Liverpoo's finest grammar schools, 'The Innie' was forced to close in 1985 after years of neglect. Built in 1825, it was literally falling down. Two Beatles were educated here: Paul between 1953 and 1958, and George from 1954 to 1958. Paul managed to pass five 'O' levels, three in foreign languages, and encouraged by his English master, Alan 'Dusty' Durband, he entered the sixth form to prepare for 'A' levels in Art and English. The family hoped he would get a place at a teacher training college. He was certainly capable of it, but Paul had his mind on other things. He would amaze his father and brother by being able to do his homework and watch TV and eat his dinner, all at the same time. George on the other hand, was an undistinguished scholar and something of a rebel. He brightened up his school uniform by wearing a canary yellow waistcoat, and his hair was always worn long. In 1989 Paul announced that the old Institute building was to become the Liverpool Institute For Performing Arts. Work commenced and funds were raised. On Tuesday the 30th of January in 1996 Paul officially opened LIPA and it is now attended by students from all over the world. To find more information on LIPA and how it came to be you may  visit it's web site at http://www.lipa.ac.uk



 Lewis's Department Store, Ranelagh St. - With Jacob Epstein's nude make statue towering above the front entrance, this is probably the most famous store in Liverpool. It is a well known meeting place for courting couples, including John and Cynthia. When John would have Cynthia waiting for him underneath the statue. Because of the way Cynthia was dressed she was often mis-viewed as a maggie mae, and be asked "how much she wanted" if you get my drift.  In 1959 after Paul left school, he worked for Lewis's for a short time as a driver's assistant, delivering customer's orders. This was because he had gotten his then girlfriend Dorthy Rohne pregnant and needed to get a proper job to support her and their baby. As it turned out she lost the baby and that was the end of his job at Lewis's The Beatles played at a Christmas dance for the staff immediately after an early evening Cavern gig on the 28th of November 1962.

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