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Oxford St. - John Lennon was born here on the 9th of October 1940 weighing seven and half pounds. To parents Julia and Alfred Lennon (who was not present at the time or would be much of John's life.) His Aunt Mimi receiving the news by telephone, rushed over immediately. From the first time she saw him, she knew that he would be special. Today it is a student residence hall, so if you are accepted to one of the Universi ty ties in Liverpool you can live where John Lennon was born, or at least the same building. This plaque was placed on the former Maternity Hospital on what would have been John Lennon's 60th Birthday.

9 Newcastle Road, Wavertree - Had been the home of Mimi and Julia's family, John Lennon was brought here from Oxford Street Maternity Hospital some time in October 1940. Julia, was living with parents, while John's father Freddie was off at sea. John only would live here for only five years of his life he soon went to live with his Aunt Mimi in the more posh Woolton Village on Menlove Avenue. It was the perfect solution, Mimi got John and his mother Julia, was free to do as she wished.

Mosspits Lane, Primary School, Wavertree - It  has only been discovered recently that John Lennon was once a pupil here. The school found his forty year old records a few years ago. It seems that he was enrolled here in September of 1945, only to be transferred to Dovedale six months later, in March 1946, on the instructions of his Aunt Mimi. Exactly why she did this has never been fully explained, but it was not an uncommon practice, if a parent or guardian wished to do so. Albert Goldman claims in his book The Lives of John Lennon that John was expelled from Mosspits for 'disruptive behavior.


251 Menlove Ave. 'Mendips', Woolton . This address from that moment on became his home for almost the next twenty years, before the pressure of fame necessitated a move. It was also known as the house the John Lennon grew up in. John's room was directly above the front door. On the tiny porch is where John would practice endlessly on his guitar from 1956 and 1957. After the Beatles return from Hamburg three years later, John returned to Mendips. A Tired, undernourished, angry, and skinny young musician was met by his Aunt Mimi with this comment, 'A guitar's all right John, but you'll never make a living out of it'.

 On Dec. 8th 2000, was the 20th anniversary of when John Lennon was murdered. In tribute to John, Liverpool and the English Heritage put up a Blue Plaque on the
outside wall of Menlove Ave. It is the first time a English Heritage Blue Plaque has ever been seen out side of London. My how things have changed!
Dovedale Rd. Primary School, Wavertree - John Lennon and George Harrison were both went here. However, since there aws about three years between them never met. Although Georg's older brother Peter was in John's class It was here that John would have learned two songs beloved by generations of Liverpool schoolchildren. The first was Yellow Matter Custard, from which he later used the first line in the 1967 song I'm the Walrus. The second was Remember, Remember, a celebration of Guy Fawkes Night. He used the first two lines in his 1970 solo song Remember. Recently Yoko Ono has donated money for various needs like the Playground facilities.


Quarry Bank Grammar School, Allerton - John Lennon entered the 'Eton of the Labor Party,' Quarry Bank Grammar School, in September of 1952. He had achieved it by passing the eleven plus examination the previous June at Dovedale Road Juniors. From day one he fought the school's traditional values and teaching systems and soon gained a reputation as a waster and a rebel. He spent the next five years hating every minute of it, and, as is often the case, the following twenty odd years fondly remembering his days there. As a result of government policy in the late sixties, the school changed from a boys only grammar school to Calder Comprehensive. In John's day it was split into five houses: Childwall: Allerton: Woolton: Wavertree: Aigburth. He belonged to Woolton House, and contributed little or nothing to its sporting or academic effort.


3 Gambier Terrace, City Centre - John Lennon moved into Stuart Sutcliffe's first floor flat in this late Georgian terraced house in early 1960. It is said that he slept in a satin lined coffin. All The Beatles met, ate, and slept at the flat regularly during 1960. He moved into this flat still in Art College and he "forgot" to tell the school that he had moved. So when he would come in late he would give the excuse that the bus was late.

Liverpool College of Art - In June of 1957, armed with a hastily assembled portfolio, and a reference from Quarry Bank's headmaster, William Probjoy, John Lennon, soberly dressed in a suit belonging to his Uncle George, attended an interview here with the College Principal Mr. Stevenson. After nearly an hour Stevenson was sufficiently impressed to offer John a place at the college, starting in September of that year. He reminded John that college life was very different from school. It was largely unsupervised, and the students were expected to complete work on time by their own efforts. All
of this must have sounded like
heaven to John after the disciplined structure of Quarry Bank, and he certainly enjoyed the life of a student. Stamping his individuality on staff and students alike, he began to attract his own group of followers around him. The Lennon gang consisted of diminutive and massively talented Stuart Sutcliffe, shy Cheshire girl Cynthia Powell, Anglo-Indian Geoff Mohammed, artists' model June Furlong, Dave Davis, Tony Carrick, Ann Mason, and Helen Anderson. The Art college still presides, making adjustments with adding Multimedia, and the new technologies of art today. For more information on the Art College visit their web site at http://www.ljmu.ac.uk/ada/

64 Mount Pleasant, Registry Office - At this registry office John Lennon married Cynthia Powell on the 23rd of August in 1962. The Best Man was, and the only two guests were Paul, George, and Marjorie Powell, Cynthia's sister in law. To celebrate the couple and their guests went to Reeces' Restaurant. John spent his wedding night performing the Riverpark Ballroom in Chester. On my second visit back to Liverpool last summer, I ran across this building. I didn't recognize it at first because it had been cleaned up, and it is no longer theReistry Office.

St. Peters Church Hall, Church Rd. Woolton - This was the first venue The would play here weekly on Saturday nights for the church's youth club dances. It is also here where history starts being made. On a hot summer's afternoon on July 6th of 1957 after the groups afternoon who, John Lennon sixteen years old met Paul McCartney fifteen years old for the first time. They were introduced by a mutual friend and occasional Quarrymen Ivan Vaughan. After seeing John performance that afternoon, Paul noticed that John was playing in all banjo chords, which from his mother Julia's teaching. Soon found that this was a perfect opportunity to demonstrate to the band his knowledge of the guitar by playing straight through Eddie Cochran's Twenty Flight Rock and Little Richard's Long Tall Sally. In 1997 The surviving members of the original Quarrymen who were playing at he Garden Fete where John met Paul got back together in celebration of the 40th anniversary of that fateful day. They got messages about the event from everyone Yoko Ono, Cynthia Lennon, Sirs Paul McCartney, and George Martin, the Prime Minister Tony Blair, and even Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth her self. to the  Since the event took place on a Sunday. The Church dedicated a whole service to the historical day. 

40th anniversary plaque, St. Peter's Church Hall
This plaque was unveiled at the 40th anniversary of the day that John met Paul at St. Peter's Church Hall. It was on a hot summer day on July 6th 1957. The plaque is made out of the local quarry rock, and was revealed by the surviving members of the original members of the Quarry Men. There was an incident that when they went to pull off the sheet that was covering it that, all that came down was the rope. They claimed that it was the spirit of John Lennon playing tricks.


  - The Victorian Church of England was John Lennon's local church in the forties and fifties. At different stages of his growth he belonged to the Sunday school, the choir and the youth club. On the day John and Paul first met, the 6th of July 1957, The Quarrymen had been contracted to play twice. The first set was at 4.15 pm, in the field behind the church, as part of the annual fete. The second was at 5.45 pm in the church hall opposite. During the afternoon set John spotted Mimi heading straight for him and changed lyrics accordingly, 'Uh oh here comes Mimi heading straight for me, I'm going down to the penitentiary.' Other attractions at the 1957 fete, which is still held annually, were the Liverpool Police Dogs Display, and the crowing of the Rose Queen, Miss Sally Wright. When the tour that I was on went by the church, we were able to see where the real Elenor Rigby resides, and where John's Uncle George Toogood Smith is also buried here.


Sefton General Hospital, Smithdown Road - This hospital was where Julia Lennon was taken after she had been knocked down by an off duty police officer, just after she had visited her sister Mimi. She died soon after she after she arrived. John's first son Julian was born here, and it was first thought that John had been born here. However, it was recently discovered that information  was wrong that that he was born at Oxford Maternity.



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