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12 Arnold Grove, Wavertree - George Harrison,  was born in this small two up two down terrace house on either the 25th or 24th (I've heard both) of February 1943. He was Louise and Harry's fourth child, one girl and three boys. It wasn't until George was about six, when the family was able to move to a newer house. George's main recollection of the house was how cold it was be in the winter, with ice forming on the inside of the tiny windows, and how he had to put a hot water bottle to get the bed warmed up. Then having to wake up all nice a cozy to a freezing cold morning.


Dovedale Rd. Primary School, Wavertree - John Lennon and George Harrison were both went here. However, since there aws about three years between them never met. Although Georg's older brother Peter was in John's class It was here that John would have learned two songs beloved by generations of Liverpool schoolchildren. The first was Yellow Matter Custard, from which he later used the first line in the 1967 song I'm the Walrus. The second was Remember, Remember, a celebration of Guy Fawkes Night. He used the first two lines in his 1970 solo song Remember. Recently Yoko Ono has donated money for various needs like the Playground facilities.

25 Upton Green, Speke - This house was George's second home, after years of being on the council's list  Harrison family moved into 25 Upton Green. It was at this house were George as a musician started to form. It was also one of the few places where the band was welcomed by Mrs. Harrison to come and practice. She being into music, being thrilled that George was getting into it, was a big supporter. 

174 Makets Lane, Hunts Cross - This was George's last house in Liverpool. In 1965 George bought bought his parents a new house in Warrington. While George's parents were still living here they took over mainly George's and the Beatles fan mail. They would try their best to write back, and try to get autographs if the fan had asked for one. 


Liverpool Institute (LIPA), The City Centre - One of Liverpoo's finest grammar schools, 'The Innie' was forced to close in 1985 after years of neglect. Built in 1825, it was literally falling down. Two Beatles were educated here: Paul between 1953 and 1958, and George from 1954 to 1958. Among their contemporaries were news reader and journalist Peter Sissions, actor and producer Bill Kenwright, Les Chadwick (later to join Gerry and the Pacemakers) and Ivan Vaughan, a Quarryman who introduced Paul to John in 1957. John's uncle, George Smith (Mimi's husband) had a brother who was a teacher at the Institute. Paul managed to pass five 'O' levels, three in foreign languages, and encouraged by his English master, Alan 'Dusty' Durband, he entered the sixth form to prepare for 'A' levels in Art and English. The family hoped he would get a place at a teacher training college. He was certainly capable of it, but Paul had his mind on other things. He would amaze his father and brother by being able to do his homework and watch TV and eat his dinner, all at the same time. George on the other hand, was an undistinguished scholar and something of a rebel. He brightened up his school uniform by wearing a canary yellow waistcoat, and his hair was always worn long. In 1989 Paul announced that the old Institute building was to become the Liverpool Institute For Performing Arts. Work commenced and funds were raised. On Tuesday the 30th of January in 1996 Paul officially opened LIPA and it is now attended by students from all over the world

To find more information on LIPA and how it came to be you may 
visit it's web site at http://www.lipa.ac.uk

Blackler's Department Store, Great Charlotte St. - In the summer of 1959, George left the Institute with no academic qualifications. He tried to obtain an apprenticeship with Liverpool Corporation, but failed the entrance exam. The Youth Employment Office sent him here to seek a job as a window dresser. Unfortunately the vacancy had been filed, but he was offered an electrical apprenticeship.  George said in his auto Biography I Me Mine, while he was there he learned to play darts, drink fourteen pints of beer and three rum and blackcurrents and two hamburgers in one session. Now there is a great pub/restaurant called Witherspoons, but a few Beatles fans still refer to it as Blacklers.


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